coach lena testimonies

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I think Lena is a really great
teacher and is really
understanding. She lets you say
whatever you need to say and
always is there to give advice.
She has a lot of experience and
is really good at her job. Being
her student is super fun and we
laugh a lot. We have a lot of fun
in the classes and I learn a lot. It
is really nice to work with her and
so fun to do these classes but it
is a lot of work but if you need
help she is there to help and you
can always ask a question and
will not leave until you get your
answer. She is a really good
teacher and so fun. She will
listen to you for as long as you
need and has an answer for
almost everything. I enjoy
hanging with her and learning
new things every week!

Gabby Byam
Director of Education at the Hippodrome Regional

Coach Lena is an absolute pro. Her ability to teach and understand young actors is next level.  Her use of exercises and games to explain acting techniques is so helpful and orchestrated in a way that students of all levels get the most out of the experience. I highly recommend her classes and workshops.


Lena is a wonderful acting teacher. She was able to grow my daughter's interest in acting and motivate her to learn concepts in an engaging and fun way. Lena is very professional in how she conducts the class, sets goals and keeps a punctual schedule. My daughter looks forward to her class with Lena and wants to continue to be her student. 


I started my clases with Lena because I had lack of communication aptitudes and I really wanted to improve my charisme. What is more I needed to improve my English spoken skills due to laboral situation. Combining her interpretation and acting skills,  in only THREE months, she provided me with the necessary tools to learn how to express myself a lot better, not only in english  but also in my mother language Spanish.