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The space to workout your voice.

Exercise your range, polish your vocal technique, and enhance your performance abilities with Coach Lena. 

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What is the Voice Gym

What is
the voice gym?

By Coach Lena Sakalla

Welcome to The Voice Gym! Dedicate just one hour a week to refine your vocal technique with our specialized classes. We focus on various aspects of vocal training, including conditioning fundamentals, mastering new techniques, performance workshops, enunciation practice, singing, and more. Join a community of like-minded artists, vocal enthusiasts, and professionals at the Voice Gym, the only facility of its kind in Barcelona. Voice Gym classes run on a 4-week cycle and vary depending on the month. See our current classes below and follow us along on Instagram @VoiceGymOfficial.

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Consonant Orchestra
& Shakespeare
'Taste' the words by stretching your resonance and sharpening your English consonants before applying them to a Shakespeare monologue 
Practice and apply Laban's 8 Effort Actions to evoke vocal colors and variety for performances
Refresh the fundamentals of our healthy vocal foundation with exercises in breath, placement, and resonance  
performance day
Vocally workshop the power of your monologue, scene, or speech with Coach Lena, internationally trained with over 7 years of experience


Entry to most Voice Gym classes requires the completion of the Vocal Evolution: 6-Week Course. Be the first to find out about Fall 2024 dates and become eligible to join all Voice Gym Classes!


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The Voice Gym is a space crafted for those who have completed the Vocal Evolution: 6-Week Course, offering an opportunity to further develop and strengthen their vocal abilities. This program focuses on conditioning, expanding, and empowering the voice through practical exercises, vocal warm-ups, and guided discussions, all inspired by the methods of Patsy Rodenburg and Arthur Lessac. Coach Lena's approach is hands-on, providing encouragement, empowerment, and personalized feedback to support each participant's growth.



Friday Class Information:

Friday, June 21st

Friday, June 28th*

Friday, July 5th

Friday, July 12th


Classes will be held from 18.30h to 19.30h


All classes will be held at TragantBarcelona

(C/ de Reig i Bonet, 23, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona)


*See Google Form for registration details*

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