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actress | singer | director | coach | writer

Who is Lena?

As an internationally trained artist, tree-hugger, and humanitarian, Lena strives to inspire a more progressive world. Passionate about stories that empower those unheard, Lena not only wants to teach and entertain as Art's vessel, but incite revelations.


Hungry to explore the world since graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of West Florida with a BFA in Musical Theatre and BA in Arts Administration, Lena has since been immersing herself artiscally and culturally in Catalan and Spanish cultures. A world traveler in the making, she recently graduated from Escuela de Artes Escénicas de Manresa and performed and directed in Catalan and Spanish. 


Lena's loved ones would describe her energy as infectious. She always has a joke up her sleeve and is clowning around. If Lena isn't onstage, you can find her in the nearby mountains, traveling, writing, or studying Catalan and Spanish.


pronouns: she/her/hers

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