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Vocal Evolution

Step into a world of vocal transformation to unlock the full potential of your voice with our 6-week Vocal Evolution Course.

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Embark on a comprehensive journey to unlock your true voice in our 6-week Vocal Evolution Course. Led by Coach Lena, she has over 7 years of experience in teaching these techniques as an internationally trained actress and voice/acting coach. Explore in-depth techniques including breath control, placement, and resonance, while incorporating vocal leases, projection mastery, and articulator exercises. Break down barriers, stretch your vocal range, and unleash your full potential.  Join us and transform your voice with confidence and clarity!

Course Highlights

Course highlights

In-Depth Technique Exploration:

Dive deep into the technique of breath, placement, and resonance to build a solid, healthy foundation for your voice. Exercises inspired by Patsy Rodenburg and Arthur Lessac.

Vocal Leases for Range Expansion:

Utilize vocal leases to stretch and condition your vocal cords, expanding your vocal range and flexibility.

Projection Mastery:

Learn how to project with resonance, harnessing the power of your voice to captivate your audience.

Articulation & enunciation:

Explore structural facial stretches and articulator exercises to enhance vocal clarity, articulation, pronunciation, and diction.

Performance Application

Apply vocal techniques to small performance pieces and poems, honing your skills in a practical setting.

Overcoming Vocal Barriers:

Break down barriers holding you back from achieving a free sound. Identifying and addressing muscle tension and other obstacles to reduce vocal fatigue and enhance vocal performance.

English Language Training:

Train in English to improve your vocal expression and communication skills in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Feel-Good Experience:

Leave each session feeling empowered and rejuvenated, as you unlock new levels of confidence and vocal prowess.



The 6-week course employs a hands-on approach, combining practical exercises inspired by Patsy Rodenburg and Arthur Lessac, vocal warm-ups, and guided discussions to reinforce learning. Coach Lena's teaching style emphasizes encouragement, empowerment, and individualized feedback.



No previous vocal training is required, making this course accessible to beginners and individuals with varying levels of experience.


Course A information:

Friday, May 3rd 

Friday, May 10th

Friday, May 17th

Friday, May 24th

Friday, May 31st

Friday, June 7th


Classes will be held from 18h to 19.30h


Course B information:

Wednesday, May 8th

Wednesday, May 15th

Wednesday, May 22nd

Wednesday, May 29th

Wednesday, June 5th

Wednesday, June 12th


Classes will be held from 10h to 11.30h

All classes will be held at TragantBarcelona

(C/ de Reig i Bonet, 23, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona)


*See Google Form for registration details*

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