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Empower Your Voice: Masterclass

Discover your authentic voice with our unique blend of techniques inspired by Patsy Rodenburg and Arthur Lessac. With over 7 years of experience, join Coach Lena in this Masterclass where we focus on the three pillars of healthy vocal production: breath support, placement, and the utilization of the five centers of resonation.

Actors, vocal enthusiasts, and those seeking to improve their vocal health and abilities: get ready to empower your inner vocal acrobat with a dynamic combination of technique, application, and performance!

- early bird special 10€ off -

until april 15th


What's in store


Establishing Healthy Voice Technique

Participants will apply the fundamentals of breath control, placement, and resonance to cultivate a strong and sustainable voice.


Utilizing Body Awareness

Participants will explore how to use their bodies, particularly the bones, to conduct sound for healthy vocal projection and expression.


Discovering Authenticity with Expert Instruction

Participants will be guided by Coach Lena, an internationally trained voice/acting coach for those of varying experience levels, in uncovering their unique sound and expressing themselves authentically.


Personal Growth

Participants will feel empowered by their tools to reduce vocal fatigue, improve vocal health, and nurture a fuller sound, enabling greater performance abilities and confidence in expressing themselves in any setting. 

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The masterclass employs a hands-on approach, combining practical exercises inspired by Patsy Rodenburg and Arthur Lessac, vocal warm-ups, and guided discussions to reinforce learning. Coach Lena's teaching style emphasizes encouragement, empowerment, and individualized feedback.


No previous vocal training is required, making this masterclass accessible to beginners and individuals with varying levels of experience.



The Masterclass is one session with two openings:


Wednesday, April 24th from 11:45am to 1:15pm and Friday, April 26th from 6:15pm to 7:45pm


*See Google Form for registration details*

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